Welcome to a world of change filled with infinite design possibilities


Raywells Design Studio believe in the importance of blending beautifully formed homes and spaces without sacrificing functionality.  


At RDS, Raywells Design Studio, we have a strong reputation on the Gold Coast, Tweed Coast and Brisbane, as the Building Designers to watch out for. Our designs of exceptional homes and inspired living spaces, showcase stunning detailing and enviable finishes.

We believe that each and every client deserves their own slice of paradise. Whether this is a custom designed and built, dream home, a modernised kitchen, a much needed extension, a sustainable inspired retro fit, or even a modest garage construction. Raywells Design Studio is the comprehensive authority in design and building best practice to ensure your dreams become a reality, on time and on budget.

Like many clients, you may find yourself in one of these situations:

  • You have room for an extension, but are unsure how to maximise space
  • You want something creative and maybe different in a renovation, but are unsure where to seek inspiration and assistance
  • You know what you want from a design perspective, but are unsure how to coordinate the project
  • You desire an award winning design and full service support to see your dream project through from concept to reality
  • You have a project in mind and a budget, but are intimidated by dealing direct with builders and confused by conflicting quotations.

An all-inclusive drafting, design and construction company, Raywells offers clients a rang of services including:

  • Building Design and Drafting Services
  • Interior Design and Construction Specifications
  • Management of Specialist Services and
  • Total Construction Project Management

Depending on your project size, design requirements and desired level of personal involvement, Raywells Design Studio can tailor their services to meet your needs.  This may include expert project advise, design and drafting services, interior design services, through to complete project management and construction oversight.  The choice is yours as the client and project visionary.  You simply let us know what areas we can help you with and we can tailor our services to suit your building project requirements.


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